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About us


About slowrockingbro

Welcome to slowrockingbro, your online vinyl shopping paradise! We are a music lifestyle online store in Singapore, selling new and used vinyl records at reasonable prices. We carry pre-owned, new releases, and remastered vinyl lp records. New titles are added regularly.

All pre-owned records are cleaned, tested and graded by us. Most are Mint-, some  Excellent, few VG++. Titles we carry include albums by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Queen, Beatles, Nirvana , U2, Bruno Mars, Cranberries and much more, from the 1960s all the way to recent times with diverse selections for well-respected audiophiles just like yourself to  indulge in. So, whatever genre, maybe it be, Rock, Jazz, Metal, Pop, Hip Hop, Grunch, Soundtrack, Swing, Blues, that is of preference, we will try and accommodate to music lovers like yourselves.

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Our Mission

Slowrockingbro is all about good music not just quick selling chart albums like many other retailers. Here, you will find a diverse range of music from various genres, various styles, various artists, and different times. We also specialize in limited editions. We strive to sell music at affordable and reasonable prices, and to provide good service together with our slogan “Capturing Your Memories”, we would like to bring back memories of sweet old days for many of us!

Our philosophy is simple. We work directly with music distributors, from the biggest in the industry to smaller organizations specializing in indie labels, reissue imports, rare or out-of-print music, limited edition box sets, compilations, and more. Because of these direct relationships, we can offer a great selection of music from legendary hit-makers and other artists you love, all at incredible prices. No matter which artists, which genres, which styles, which times you’re interested in, check our inventory first, and everybody else second. You won’t be disappointed!

The product images on our website depict the product as closely as possible, however very occasionally the image may be slightly different to the actual item.

Our inventory will be added on a daily basis, so its worth every frequent visit. Also watch out for those occasional super offers! So, Happy Vinyl Shopping!, Vinyl Lovers!


Our website is fully protected for secure online payments

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